News Letter 24/10/2016

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News Letter 24/10/2016

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 Extra extra, read all about it.... The latest news from Scooby Nation....

We kick off this month with a recap on events and gatherings over the last 30 days.

24 September was national braai day and on that day Scooby Nation was present at The Glen shopping centre were we had a bit of a show and shine as part of the centre's Heritage day celebrations. With good numbers as always our presence was noticed. With all the awesome cars of our members and a special treat with the 22B joining as well, the Subaru's was a favourite with the crowds. As this was such a success centre management said they will definitely involve us again next year. So keep an eye out for that during 2017. Big shout-out to Zander for arranging the day, and everyone that joined, thanks...

We then headed to the Panne Fees in Brakpan, the first weekend of October for a bit of a park-off. Danie, one of our members who is also involved with the Panne Fees, arranged that we show off a bit, and believe me when I say we were noticed. We were approached by the president of the "Just Wheels" club and were already invited to there annual show, which will be in May next year. We are in talks with them already and will make the details public as soon as all has been sorted. For more on "Just Wheels" check out there Facebook page here. A nice day out enjoyed by all. Thanks Danie for the invite...

The weekend of 5 November sees the "Tripple Decker Weekend", in the Vaal. By the time this news letter comes out the bookings will be sorted and everybody joining wil be getting their cars ready for an awesome weekend away. For more info or any queries please contact Zander @ 071 384 6801.

As always the monthly Sunday evening Rock event was well attended by Scooby Nation. The night saw some wicked racing action, with a few of our member's scoobies making big waves. Then there is the Wednesday evening races as well, which as always, have Scooby Nation attend. We are such a regular club at the Rock now, we get a special shout-out from the MC.

The new caps are also done. Everyone that ordered and have not yet collected please get in contact with Sacha to arrange collection. Again, a big shout-out to Sacha for arranging the caps, they look awesome.
Sacha is also busy with new shirts. If you want to order please contact Sacha

We are busy with a re-design of our website. We are just finalizing some small issues then it will go live. keep an eye out for that, as the new site is going to looks awesome.

This month's featured ride is Jaunn's beautiful blob STi. A lot of effort, money and time went into this ride and by the pictures below, it is all worth it as it looks stunning.
Check out some of his mods and pictures below.

Don't forget to look us up on social media:
ScoobyNation SA

ScoobyNation South Africa

Until next month.

Be good, if not be good at it...


Driver: Jaunn
* Assorted DWR pulleys
* DWR clutch
* Walbro fuel pump
* GReddy boost controller
* HKS dumb valve
* Maxtrac coil-overs
* BMC filter
* Hella hooters
* Slotted Powerbrake disks
* Sony touch screen radio
* Targa amp
* 12" Starsound sub in a
custom box
* 18" Vossen rims
* Rear diffuser
* and a few more mods but
these will stay a secret

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