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Scooby Nation held there “Scooby Summer Slam” this weekend at HM Auto Tuning in Edenvale, a dyno day that would see Subaru lovers test their might against each other to rack up the most credit in the club. Now as you know dyno-tuning a Subaru is a mission on its own as you need to have the right equipment; this being a four wheel dyno, and lucky for the Scooby Nations club Hannes at HM Auto Tuning just so happened to have one.

As the cars all lined up inside and outside the workshop to run their Japanese monsters on the newly renovated dyno, I took a walk around the parking lot and at first I thought to myself, this could not be all the cars at this event. Needless to say I started snapping away and I was treated to a couple of really WRX STI’s from your classic sedan to your STI wagons, and of course the Impreza hatch backs that were made ever so popular in the Fast and Furious 4 movie.

Inside the workshop I was treated to the grunts and snorts of Sacha’s black STI (which was featured back in 2015) as his newly rebuilt motor with a serious turbo upgrade, pushed out an impressive 449.8kW @ 204km/h… that’s insanely powerful for an all-wheel drive car, setting the highest power run of the day.

While standing around watching the runs, one of the club members pulled me aside and started telling me about his freshly bagged Scooby, the first one in South Africa, so needless to say I had to go and see this for myself. So we walked across the road to a different parking lot, there I was surprised by the rest of the Scoobys all lined up and ready for their close ups. I stopped and his freshly bagged STI and I have to say; a Scooby looks pretty freaking awesome bagged.

There were a great couple of cars al lined up together and in-between the sea of blue (being the most common colour in the Subaru stable) was this “Rally-ready” silver STI, all dressed up with mud flaps, wings and all, looking like it was ready to take on a Rally-cross stage in the WRC.

After snapping some of the sweet rides, I headed back to the dyno only to be met by a Nissan Skyline R34 GTR, one of my all-time bucket list cars, and this I had to see run on the dyno. Waiting in the dyno room for this beauty to pull in I got all giddy as they popped open the hood and there was this beautiful RB26 motor dressed in all her chrome. Strapped down and ready to run, the GTR pushed out an impressive 365kW @ 145km/h.

All in all the day turned out to be a good turnout as just over 60 cars had entered and run their cars. As a JDM fan I sure was not disappointed with the turn out and the team from HM Auto kept things running smoothly as always, as well as kept the crowds fed and hydrated be it beer or cool drinks. I look forward to attending another Scooby Nation event, till next time, keep it safe, keep it JDm and keep it Supafly.

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