Guidelines on becoming a member of ScoobyNation South Africa.


The purpose of this document is to outline the requirements to join ScoobyNation South Africa (hereinafter referred to as SN) including the use of the SN social media platforms.


The below requirements to be met before becoming an official member of SN.

  1. The prospective member must be a Subaru owner.
  2. Prospective member can’t belong to any other Subaru related club.
  1. Member is allowed to attend events outside of SN.
  1. Prospective member agrees to attend at least 2 SN events per year.
  2. If a member is no longer a Subaru owner for whatever reason, membership will be canceled and the member will be asked to leave the SN groups but will not be required to leave the other social media platforms.


When a member request is accepted, he/she will be added to the relevant Whatsapp group, used for official SN communication, discussions and event coordination.

By adding the member, he/she agrees to the following:

  1. Member will not post any pornographic pictures, illustrations or links.
  2. Member will not post any racial comments, slurs, pictures or links.
  3. Member will not post any content which is offensive to any religion.
  4. Member will keep all posts motoring or Subaru related.
  1. We will allow off motoring posts as long as it does not dominate the discussions.
  1. Conflicts to be settled in private and not on the public groups.


As an official member, the member will qualify for the below:

  1. All new members will receive 2 small SN stickers.
  2. Members will have access to SN merchandise.
  3. Early notifications of all events, runs, and socials.


SN has various social media pages. Below are the guidelines for said pages.

  1. ScoobyNation South Africa Facebook page:
  1. Run by the admin team and mostly used for events.
  1. ScoobyNation SA Facebook page:
  1. Member requests approved/declined by the admin team.
  2. Any approved member can post to this page.
  1. ScoobyNation Instagram account: @scoobynationsa
  1. Run by the admin team.
  2. Only admin team can post.
  1. ScoobyNation YouTube channel.
  1. Run by Jack, part of the admin team.
  1. ScoobyNation website:
  1. Run by Paul, part of the admin team.
  2. SN monthly newsletter.


  1. The ScoobyNation logo is ‘Silver and Blue’ and ‘Pink and Blue’.
  2. No alterations are allowed to the logos by any member without the approval from ScoobyNation admin team.